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A Perfect Society

No one is perfect. When can we as a society just get over being obsessed with who has an affair with who, and start realising that just because you fell short in one aspect of your life, you’ve not made … Continue reading

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[Ponder] On Beauty

My Stand: 1) I think beauty has an evolutionary basis. 2) Beauty can be subjective. I used to think beauty was subjective. That was the argument that I had almost 4 years ago with my Analytical Skills Professor, who believed … Continue reading

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[Conversations] An Indian Girl

More like two Indian girls. I was having a conversation with 2 people who I don’t usually talk to, let’s call them S and V. I just recently met V. This was probably my first proper conversation with her. V … Continue reading

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[Random] On School

There comes a certain point in life when you think enough is enough. The monotony of walking towards an auditorium, listening to someone go through slides after slides of materials, doing hypotheticals and tutorials just starts to get to you. … Continue reading

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