A Perfect Society

No one is perfect. When can we as a society just get over being obsessed with who has an affair with who, and start realising that just because you fell short in one aspect of your life, you’ve not made an unredeemable mistake. Like a mother loves her child… even if she has objections to the things the child does. We should take responsibility and ownership of ourselves, our own mistake, and the people whom we’ve put in place to lead us and their mistakes. You put them there, at the very least because you trust them to some extent. And that means, not dumping them at the first fall from grace but giving chances and working towards what’s right or better.

It’s always a work in progress. Even “morality”, “integrity”… whatever. I’ll be honest. Just because I know that something is wrong and resist doing it, doesn’t mean I’ve never or will never do it. It’s called human fallibility for a reason. I will resist doing it, but there can’t be that many people who have lived up to absolute standards of morality or integrity in all instances and in all their lives [none, I expect even]. Additionally, taking responsibility isn’t necessarily about saying I made a mistake, and so I’ll leave.

That is a perfect society. And of course, societies, like people, are fallible. So I won’t hold this event too badly against it.

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