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[Bus] Ride to the Subordinate Courts

And so I took the bus to the Subordinate Courts this evening. Why am I saying this? Perhaps because this is the extent of travelling I’m doing these days. The last stage of the bar exams… less than 2 months … Continue reading

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[Random] On Procrastination

“Procrastination avoids boredom; one never has the feeling that there is nothing important to do” … story of my life. And now i sleep with the knowledge that there are 10,001 important things waiting to be done by tomorrow morning. … Continue reading

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May be Hello.

I think I might be back on blogosphere. I know I said bye. But then I couldn’t resist. I keep hoping that I’d find enough to interest myself at least. Because you just had to remind yourself that you can’t … Continue reading

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[Thinking] Restless to be elsewhere?

This is perhaps only tangentially relevant to the idea of travelling but it was an interesting conversationĀ I had with someone a while back. Somehow, I have always assumed that given a choice, most people would wish to experience life in … Continue reading

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[Introduction] More About this Blog

This is the beginning… This is in preparation for my upcoming weeks of travel! This time, so as not to let my travel memories disappear, I would be more conscientious while I play and record my thoughts on my travels. … Continue reading

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