[France] – River Seine


The Paris that I knew before I stepped foot on it was a place I associated with the Enlightenment, with Romance, with Beauty, and with the legacy of endless stories told and filmed. I didn’t know what to expect, but the anticipation was real. More than the Eiffel Tower, the Louvre, or the Notre Dame, the one […]

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[Myanmar] Hpa An

Hpa An was a reminder of a Myanmar that I missed. Peaceful, quiet, and small town feel. The food could have been better, but trip was as good as it gets. Mountain climbing, caves hiking, traversing through paddy fields and beneath caves in a small boat.

Zwekabin Moutain – Sadan Caves – Kyauk Ka Lat Pagoda – Kawgun Caves – Kyauk Ka Lat Pagoda


I stayed at Hpa An Lodge. Absolutely recommended for a chill out trip. Very tastefully built and operated, and I do believe they have made a conscious effort to contribute back to the community there.

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Something slightly different

An enclave for a different side of me: https://the30thescapade.wordpress.com/

It’s been a while since I published here, but I’ll update again soon. There have been some nice journeys, all waiting to be uploaded from my phone.

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[UK] Cambridge

And so spring has arrived, here in Cambridge.



You know, I’m now unsurprised why Enid Blyton had to come from the UK.

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[Finland] Chasing the lights in Ivalo

This is how it feels to capture the lights.


We did it. It was truly amazing. The funny thing was that the aurora chase tour out of town to the viewing site was in fact cancelled for the two consecutive nights because of the cloud cover. In full-blown disappointment, we decided to take the risk and trudge along River Ivalo ourselves for whatever we can get given that we only has three night in Ivalo. We got more than we expected. A pleasant surprise… a present from Finland.

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[Finland] Ready Get Go

So here I am, waiting at Heathrow.

Having set off from Cambridge at 4.20 a.m., I am finally settling in for a leisurely breakfast with my £3.79 Meal Deal from Boots and hanging around in the waiting area with Bill Bryson’s, “Neither here nor there – Travels in Europe“.

Wouldn’t have guessed that Finland becomes the first European country that I will visit more than once. But given how much I liked it the last time I was there, this isn’t an unhappy incident.

Now, guess what I will be doing in Finland?


We aren’t exactly going to the same location…. but hey…


I just hope I don’t have to wait 16 days like he did though.

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[UK] – Stonehenge


Let’s just say it was awfully cold and windy at the end of January. It was also breathtaking. I have never seen such a vast expense of rolling green fields. Having Stonehenge dropped in the middle of it leaves no doubt as to who the star of the place was. And did I tell you, the wind was bone-chilling-brain-freezing cold?

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[UK] – Graduate School

If you have been following my blog (inactive as it is) for a while, you would know I’ve been planning on this for a while. So, here we go finally. Next Tuesday, I’ll be off in Cambridgeshire (the one in UK).

It’s a little cliched, but entirely true, when I say that Cambridge has always been my dream school, since I was really really young. I have to believe what people say about dreams coming true when you hold on to them. Dreams have a way of taking hold and finding a life of their own. Surviving and growing roots quietly but surely. I’ve rarely been passionate about things, but I’ve truly been passionate about schools and learning. And for some reason, I always picked my dream schools early. I’m happy to say, I’ve gone on to every single one of my dream schools.

That said, there’s still one left – Harvard (the other Cambridge, I guess). And there are still many years left in life. I guess an M.B.A. at some point in time is still in my plans. If I decide to proceed on this path. I hope to be able to make the most of the next nine months… in Cambridge!

I am guessing this blog is going to be a little more active again, with all the travelling I’ll be doing in the next year. Whoooooohooo.

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