[Nepal] October 2013

Destination: Nepal

Duration: 2 Oct – 8 Oct

Company: +4

All the climbing done: Enough that I couldn’t walk down stairs on the last day.


May be next year, I’ll try a different challenge. It was nice, to be in the mountains, away from my phone, away from any reception. If we ever thought that contentment only comes from possession, perhaps it’s time to consider, if contentment could come from absence – absence of worries, absence of disruptions, absence of burdens. How many times in you life could you have that peace and quiet to enjoy the day just going by, and fully savour the time that just flows through your fingers? It’s easy to forget to be grateful, because we only count our blessings when we see them coming. But for all those worrisome things that are absent from our lives, sometimes, we really ought to stop our paces and just count …the negative spaces.

Where pleasure could be so simple. Where simplicity could be both beautiful and ephemeral.


It was a moment in time. And I came back with a clearer reminder of how it once felt to breathe, deeply and without worries. It’s a feeling that is both literally and figuratively a breath of fresh air to a suffocating person. One could truly miss it.

Refreshing. And Satisfying.

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