[Random] On School

There comes a certain point in life when you think enough is enough. The monotony of walking towards an auditorium, listening to someone go through slides after slides of materials, doing hypotheticals and tutorials just starts to get to you. Thinking that you are already 24, and knowing that some of your friends, and many others in society are already working, and many others in life have already achieved something. But you… you have yet to make your mark or to make a difference in any meaningful way.¬†

And all this from someone who actually loves school and the process of learning something.

The time comes in life when you become restless for more. To actually do something, even if it is the “WORK” that you know you’d complain about when you really get to doing it.

The other day, I just realised that Lady Gaga was born in 1986. She’s one year older than me. I looked at her, and then, I looked at me. And no, I’m not a fan, but that doesn’t stop me from having decent respect for what she has achieved.

Sometimes, I wonder, … what if I had made different life choices. Sometimes, I wish I had.

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