[UK] – Graduate School

If you have been following my blog (inactive as it is) for a while, you would know I’ve been planning on this for a while. So, here we go finally. Next Tuesday, I’ll be off in Cambridgeshire (the one in UK).

It’s a little cliched, but entirely true, when I say that Cambridge has always been my dream school, since I was really really young. I have to believe what people say about dreams coming true when you hold on to them. Dreams have a way of taking hold and finding a life of their own. Surviving and growing roots quietly but surely. I’ve rarely been passionate about things, but I’ve truly been passionate about schools and learning. And for some reason, I always picked my dream schools early. I’m happy to say, I’ve gone on to every single one of my dream schools.

That said, there’s still one left – Harvard (the other Cambridge, I guess). And there are still many years left in life. I guess an M.B.A. at some point in time is still in my plans. If I decide to proceed on this path. I hope to be able to make the most of the next nine months… in Cambridge!

I am guessing this blog is going to be a little more active again, with all the travelling I’ll be doing in the next year. Whoooooohooo.

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