[Myanmar] On the way back… home.

21 November 2014.

It was a trip that waited 14 years to come about.



And the Obligatory wings in the sky shot.

Which I did not take. I prefer to sleep/read/eat/people-watch on plane. In that order. You will probably realise I’m quite the cheer to sit beside, if you happen to get the seat beside me on the plane. Daddy took this. It’s been two years since our last family trip to Korea. This time, it’s a trip back home. It means a lot… And it is at the same time very unsettling. I didn’t know what to expect, and I didn’t know what the world and the family that I had left behind would expect of me. The plane was filled with businessmen and many curious visitors to Myanmar. Not wholly a surprise. It is the new exotic destination, I guess. It’s just both more familiar and more exotic to me – because I am not a stranger, and because it may no longer be the place in my memories.

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