Been a long while

Life has a habit of flowing by.

Dreams have a habit of… being left behind when you open your eyes to the bustle of life.

Things have a way of working in a way you did not pan out for them.

And so I stayed behind. I need to reconsider now if I should be making my graduate school applications again. And I’m starting to have my doubts, whether this is the best time for it. It’s hard to express myself, but I feel that finding a good place to learn may be more worthwhile than going abroad to study at this moment in time. Three years into work. I’m starting to be comfortable. To be confident of what I have achieved. And to know my own failings. I am not ready to leave it behind and disrupt this momentum. I have the suspicion that I might be able to learn more in certain work environments than if I had gone abroad to study. I want to be looking for exciting work opportunities. Not to go back to a sheltered school environment at this stage.

I think I should put more effort into finding a good place to work. School was an escape I wanted NOW partly because of parental pressure. While I always wanted to go graduate school, timing wise… it’s probably not now yet. Yet, my worry is would I be too old one day when I decide to do that? Next year I’ll be 28.

I’m also starting to know what I’m missing out on. What areas I wish to develop myself in. But I need to take time to figure out how to best achieve this. I’ll be back, tomorrow. To put my thoughts into words. Take time out for the first time this year to explore and realign my 5 year life plan again.

I would also like to take up blogging again. This time, looking outwards, rather than inwards. Sometimes, one can be slightly too involved with oneself. I met DB today. For someone younger than me, I’m very impressed by her and her potential. And her engagement and interest with so many other relevant things in the world. She has a broader picture to things… a perspective and approach I need to develop. It was an enriching dinner.

– ❤ isoelation no more.

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