The days after I graduated

Life in School was always so much easier. You live from day to day, week to week, semester to semester, assignment after assignment. One milestone after another that comes with the passage of time. Naturally, almost. Without conscious thought, planning or directing. At least in my case. I was a passenger on a public bus headed for somewhere. On a bus full of fellow travelers  joking, laughing, waving people off as they alight and changed buses. Waiting for the bus to bring me to somewhere that I know I’ll alight.

And then you got off the bus. You either found where you were headed for, or if you didn’t have any where in mind in particular, you alighted and entered where you thought it would be interesting. Then, you entered the building. A new set of questions faced you. Do you like it? Even so, is this where you want to be for now, for life? What about the other buildings that you didn’t enter? What other things lie ahead, behind, beside? 

You realised then that the conundrum of life after school has started. Even as I am staying inside one building now, I’m eternally having questions of how long should I stay before I move on. Where should I head next? Should I climb the next floor in this narrow space, or should I head out? What is my next milestone? There are no more fixed bus-stops at regular intervals. No chartered paths and directions. More flexibility, no doubt. But flexibility in an infinite 360 degrees of choices in an unfamiliar environment can be rather unsettling.

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