[Travel] (FINALLY!)

I’ll be heading back to China this December. Starting with Dalian. Hoping to pop by Shanghai again, and Hangzhou and Huang Shan. Brrrrh. I’ll freeze for sure. Wish I could have gone Korea too, but that will have to wait. Couldn’t put it into my schedule. Cos the only place I’m really keen on in Korea is Jeju. And there just wasn’t enough time. So I thought there wasn’t any point and it wasn’t worth the flight. (I mean, if I had enough money, that’s a different matter … )

I can’t wait for 9th December. And I’m quite screwed. I’m quite happy I didn’t study for one more year. I can’t study anymore. It’s like you brain just auto-shuts down when you are 24. You just don’t want to study anymore. It doesn’t seem to serve any interesting point. I’m sure there’s a point somewhere. Many points in fact, but it just doesn’t interest me at the moment when I wish I could be doing something. In short, much as it’s a fascinating thing, too much of a good thing wears you down too. So I’m officially bored. I want to work. Because this is having a very bad impact on my life. I get so sick of words that I don’t even want to read newspaper or reading anything at all… I’ve never been so unread in my life. Gosh. Holiday, please come soon.

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