[Realisation] Number 2.

The first realisation was that perhaps it’s time to study.

The second, after about one week, is that… well i haven’t changed. i haven’t got around to studying yet.

went playing mahjong at M’s place yesterday. my second proper mahjong session. still paying school fees if you must know. but i suspect i didn’t come too badly off. net loss of $1 only. that’s seriously not bad right? for a second session. And I won the first session the other time too. =D with an epic good teacher. who paid for my winnings. haha…

second session had… not so many good teachers… but very nice ppl all the same. well, … i’m being indulgent when I use “nice”, but i’m always a bit indulgent with my friends. not that i don’t notice faults, but that when it’s friends, you tend to overlook imperfections because the persons matter more than the little things they did. =) Point being… not that they did anything bad, but to quote a long-standing argument, no i do not think they are “naturally nice”, but they are still awfully nice to me. 😉 and shhh.  i didn’t say that.

and i’m a person with no big ambition when i play mahjong. i’ll take the smallest bit of win i can get. which is why i can slip under the radar quite easily and make up enough small winnings to recoup. cos as A said at the end of the game… “i didn’t expect you to lose only so little”… actually, neither did i. =P although, i must say i never intended to lose if i could help it.

and that day, there was a surprise sms on my phone from Q. from totally unexpected. i think this is the first sms i got from him since i changed my phone. not that i was keeping track. but that’s the thing with smart phones… the history is there. anyway, it was a surprise indeed. haha… i can’t imagine having guyfriends who’d want to cook dinner and hold dining parties~ but i’m cool with it. especially because i’m curious to see how that’ll go. and especially curious about the cooking. =) i don’t see how i’ll get all my studying done with all these random things happening.

and oh, on another random matter, when i get married, yes. i’ll look for a car on the wedding cake. 😉 just because, i think it’ll make me smile to think of it. i hope you remember your “promise”, M. if not i might be just a tiny bit let down. haha…

That’s of course, when the day comes… (if i manage to figure out how to get mr right to propose to me. the first mr right was prince william, but then he proposed to someone else instead before i even got the chance to meet him and convince him. I’m totally certain the only reason he didn’t propose to me was because he hasn’t had the chance to meet me yet.)

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