[Sunday] For life like this

Started the morning with a 1 hour walk in the park. I didn’t run because I had yoga in the late morning, and I didn’t want to shower again before I go =P … If not, i’ll have to shower like 2-3 times within the span of half a day.

And so I walked with my mum, and listened to her talk. I told her about the conversation I had yesterday with V and S. Maybe I’m putting ideas in her head. Haha… Probably shouldn’t have, because she is now thinking if she should matchmake for me too. Anyway, I’ve been making a point to spend more time and talk to her because I think she has been a little depressed these days. Dad has been a bit short-tempered for some reason. Male PMS? I don’t know. They get into a bit of conflict in their conversations these days. Both are exceedingly stubborn people. Guess what that makes me considering I have both their genes.

After the morning walk, it’s breakfast with homemade strawberry jam (love mum!) and then off to Yoga. After a stretchy 1 hour, headed off to the library to read today’s newspapers before heading home for lunch.

Luxury comes in packages like these.


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