[Bus] Ride to the Subordinate Courts

And so I took the bus to the Subordinate Courts this evening. Why am I saying this? Perhaps because this is the extent of travelling I’m doing these days. The last stage of the bar exams… less than 2 months to go before it’s all done and I can finally start working.

I can’t wait.

And I’m not being sarcastic. I really can’t wait until I start work and move past this stage of life. I’ve felt my life being in a standstill for quite a while, about 2 years… and I can’t wait to move on, much as I love school. In any event, I don’t like the preparatory course for Part B, so these past 4 months have been more torturous than before.

This does make me think however, that we just seem to be rushing, heading foward, looking forward to a different something, some end destination that we are chasing. I’m wondering why can’t I content in the current, the present… Perhaps I haven’t been enriching my life enough these days. A lull, a space in my life. I’ll catch up and improve on that. But exactly what am I catching/ chasing/ pursuing? Like they say, whether you run or you walk … in the end, it all leads to one ending. You can run to your death or you can stroll and take things in stride… and enjoy every little day of your life.

Oh, by the way. E, C, Z, S and I were on the MRT the other day. Or rather, we were waiting for the train. And we had this conversation where we said we should go to the beach one day. (To be honest, I haven’t been to Sentosa in a couple of years. It’s embarrassing to say it considering how small Singapore is. I’m not a beach beach person. Neither do I like sun tanning. Naturally tanned. There’s no need for it, plus it’s really bad for your skin.) Anyway, getting back to the story… and so E said, well… not now. She doesn’t want to go now because she thinks her body isn’t in a good shape.

Well, neither is mine. Haha. And I’m not intending to wear a bikini~ (Like I said, it’s bad for your skin to bake it that hard & I’m not a big fan of bikinis.) But the point is… ladies, you are 23-25 years old. This is probably one of the best times of your life… and the rare time when your body is objectively in one of its best states in your entire life. You think you body is bad now? Look back in another 5 years. You’d kill to have back this body that you so despise/ are ashamed of/ embarrassed about now. That… is life.

Be happy with your lot. Because you don’t usually hold on to what you have forever. And life is not always a pursuit of eternity. Often, what makes things beautiful and worth appreciating is the fact that these things are transient and unique to you. It’s just about finding and discovering all these things to be happy about.

Life is not perfect. But hey, no one said it cannot still be beautiful just because it’s not perfect. [And I know. Double negatives. Lawyers~ even when we want to be optimistic and positive, we have to use double negatives in our expression.]

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