Time to get working

And catch up on my long overdue work.

Anyway, decided that I’d have fun from now on. Life is too short, and since I’ve already finished Uni, I think it’s time for a little fun and to play around. Dress up. Be daring with my make up~ try every single style~  Went through uni with the aim that I’d be in dean’s list for every single year and graduate with summa. Which I did. I just wish now that I had set higher aims. But since that’s done, and I don’t particularly have any aim for these 6 months, at least not until I start work, it’s time for me to take a good break. There’s a time in life for everything. Now I’m having fun dressing up~  While I’m still young enough. I’ll ignore the money part for now since I’ll probably earn enough by next year. If I wait until the money comes in, I won’t have the time and energy to do all these random things any more.

Well, that also means that I need to get back into shape. Have to start working out properly. I’ve been slacking. Should get a weighing machine. To get my weight down to a certain number. I think an intial goal of 3 kg loss would be good, and then maintain it~

So to buy a weighing machine as well. And some dumb-bells. Plus I want to learn a particular dance from a Music Video. Which I absolutely look horrible doing, but which I really wish to learn for some reason.

Find a good yoga class. I’m not inclined to continue with the one that I’m doing now. I think I want to learn kickboxing too. Have almost 2 free months from October – November.

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