May be Hello.

I think I might be back on blogosphere. I know I said bye. But then I couldn’t resist. I keep hoping that I’d find enough to interest myself at least. Because you just had to remind yourself that you can’t be that boring, because you just cannot let yourself walk the years without leaving some trace in the sand, because one day you’d look back and wonder at the untold stories that disappeared in the winds without a whisper. I think I might be back.

May be, hello.

If this is tentative, it’s because it’s like another love affair. One that I’m not sure I’ll have the stamina to stick through, or the dedication and committment for the matter. I can love whole heartedly. And then I can be harsh. Fickle. Never to look  back when the love dies. Perhaps, I’m opening up because I think it’s time, for me to find another love story. And yet, you wonder if that’s opening yourself to more hurt. That’s in the nature of opening yourself to the world, is that not? That in the process, it makes you more empowered, but also more vulnerable.  

For now, good night. I’m off to chasing sleep. In a couple more minutes. After I’ve worked through the mysteries of a corporate tangle in a hypothetical. Honing my lawyerly skills.

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