[Shanghai]: My Goodbyes

I got back to Singapore on the 29th April.

This is the last post to conclude my Shanghai Diary. I really loved Shanghai. It was a vibrant city, and you could feel the life in it. The weather was perfect, even if I kept shivering ever so often during the night. The food was good, even if sometimes we were a little short of good and fresh vegetables and fruits and the cooked items were often too oily and too sweet. Shanghai now ranks amongst one of my favourite places which was totally unexpected when I first went there. I love the sense that it’s a city on the move. The people are driven, hopeful and competitive. And they live on the adrenaline and the challenge. It’s a city that almost trembles with so much built up energy and passion. More importantly, there was just so much space. And so much greenery, even in the midst of the city. There’s just so much potential, and to be honest, I can’t wait to have the chance to go and work there.

And oh, the night before we left, we went to the House of Blues and Jazz (60 Fuzhou Lu, 福州路60号; Website: http://www.houseofbluesandjazz.com/) Fun fun fun. Worth going. The drinks weren’t exceptional, but the music was cheery. And if I thought I came back late (considering my morning flight), my roommate came back even later and was dead drunk. But then, they went to a Club. And told a lot of interesting stories. Which I’m sworn to secrecy not to share. Oh sigh. Why can’t we ever share the interesting things?

Until the next time then, because I know I’ll be back.

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