[Shanghai] Day 5: And so work starts

Not much time today since formal activities started. Had a nice lunch and then went to stroll the Bund during both lunch and after dinner. For the different feel. Walked down Nanjing Road Pedestrian Street and ate street foods as usual.

Can’t post the photos too! For some reasons, my bluetooth isn’t working. I’m not going to try to figure it out anymore. Need an early night because we’ll be meeting at 6:30 am for the bus.

Tomorrow, we’ll be getting out of Shanghai and most likely taking a bus for more than half a day, so … yap. Goodbye Shanghai (for now).

Edit: Here are the photos:

Late Afternoon

 And because we were so happy seeing the night scene and taking photos, we missed the road and had to cab back.

All lit up at night

Oh well, my camera was a bit shaky. Was using my handphone camera because my camera battery had some problems.

Love the buildings.

 And they look even more awesome at night…

The beautiful night


And that concludes my shanghai trip for now. =) Nanjing wasn’t as beautiful for me. And let’s just say I was less inspired.

Until Taiwan then…

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