[Shanghai] Day 3: I feel local!

3 days in and I already feel like I’m totally falling in love with Shanghai and want to stay here… Aside from the fact that it’s freezing cold because I didn’t bring enough sweater.

Lunch at 辛香汇

The morning started with taking the subway to 江苏路站 on the Metro Line 2. We were going to lunch at 辛香汇 which is a joint that specialises in Spicy Sichuan food.

Along the way I saw this moving library~ ultra cool! The van carries books and you can just borrow them from there. There were a number of people selecting books:

The moving library... is hidden behind the sign =X

I always have delayed response. That’s why I was so far away before I thought of taking photo.

This is the shopping mall (芳汇购物广场) that we headed to and the shop is on the 4th floor:

Address: 长寿路1118号 "芳汇购物广场"

AND HERE IS THE AWESOME FOOD! I LOVE LOVE LOVE the food! It’s really one of the best I’ve eaten… not only in China but also everywhere I’ve been. (Caveat: I have a distinct preference and bias for Asian cuisine so my favourite foods are so far mainly Thai and Chinese). We ordered a lot! And the bill came up to only 215 RMB which was awesomely cheap. I can’t believe 3 people could finish that much, but it was all so delicious.


水煮鱼 Fish and Beansprouts in ....erhm a whole pot of chili and oil.

It was so good, I still drool when I think about it now! The fish wasn’t fishy at all (or I didn’t know because of all the chili), and the chili was, surprisingly, not that hot. But I do have a high threshold for spiciness. The beansprouts were fresh, crunchy and juicy… and the pepper + chilli + oil … *drools* The fish is awesome beyond words. Period.

Some spicy chicken...

It’s a cold dish. And would have been great had it not been overshadowed by the fish, and everything else. We ordered a little too much, and this was the one dish where our chopsticks were a little slow on. But it’s good. Seriously. Just that between fish and chicken, well-prepared fish is my preference. Note the thick layer of chili oil though. =P

This is the everything else: which were all great! I especially loved the black fungus dish, the stir-fried abalone mushroom, the bamboo shoots, and the fried corn patty. Errrh, everything is nice basically. Drools-worthy.

Deboned duck claws. It totally numbed my tongue afterwards.


The spread. There are still a lot more that came by. But I was too busy to take any more photo =P


Watermelon cut in a very fancy shape!

Very oily beef noodles. The noodle is very springy and nice, but the soup base was only alright. I really love the noodles though~ Still, it was so so so oily… urgh.

Beef Noodles

Well, in the end, I learnt from CL and dunk the food in a bowl of tea before I eat them, not because of the spiciness but because we need to get rid of the oil.

Oriental Pearl Tower 东方明珠塔 and the Surrounding Riverside

Self Explanatory! I didn’t go up the tower though. To get to here, we alighted at Lu Jia Zui Station 陆家嘴站 of Metro No 2.

The Oriental Pearl Tower 东方明珠塔

 The surroundings:

Roundabout! I hate them when Im driving. I get lost.

Offices and Malls

We concluded that it’s better than City Hall in Singapore. Simply because it’s more spacious. And I concluded at this point that I want to work in Shanghai in the future. Maybe this trip isn’t a waste afterall.

Nasty of me, but I couldnt resist posting this photo.

The Riverside

We walked over to the riverside after that. I’m sure that there’s a name for it… but I’m not sure what name it is. It’s the other side of 上海滩 (The Bund).

Nan Bin Jiang 南滨江, 黄浦区

They have some nice flower bed! I asked if it was fake, and the CL said it’ll be more expensive if it’s fake. Which might make sense…

Preeeeety! And I took the obligatory photoshot with the flowers. I always liked taking photos with flowerbeds/ fields.

More flowers…. (Ok, I know that’s not the point of Nan Bin Jiang but I couldn’t resist… And that must be why my camera ran out of battery and I couldn’t take more when we finally got to the riverside.)

Preeeety x2

And so like I said, no more battery… and I had to use my Handphone for the rest. Which means… it doesn’t look good. =(



Errrh, before sunset?

The Oriental Pearl From this location...

And erhm, they keep playing the 上海滩主题曲. Not that I knew what it was (ok, I’m hopeless). But I finally found out. Not that I’ll remember it when I next hear it either… sigh.

The END!

– Signing off 19 April 2011, Shanghai.

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2 Responses to [Shanghai] Day 3: I feel local!

  1. saythefword says:

    aiyoh can you just go to H&M or uniqlo and buy yourself a sweater?!
    – same person

    • isoelation says:

      Haha… today was hot! =P i couldn’t find sth i liked la. i did go to check it out… we passed by H&M. and I even went to some sweater shopping centre. all auntie designs.

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