[Shanghai] Day 2: Walking Stomachs (Part 2)

Part 2: Afternoon and evening strolls on the 18th April 2011. Boy, the distance we walked!

  • Nanjing Road Pedestrian Street 南京路
  • People’s Square 人民广场附近
  • Managed to quickly walk through Raffles City 来福士广场(opened by Singapore) and found a Hershey’s World which was pretty cool ~

Nanjing Road Pedestrian Street 南京路

It’s a pedestrian street where you basically can walk and shop on the entire road. We saw some pretty interesting shops. And there’s a nice and vibrant feel to it. I happen to think it has a lot more character than Orchard Road, but I might be biased since I pass by Orchard Road almost everyday.

The trams are for the lazy people who dont want to walk.

I suggest walking though. You miss a lot of the charms riding the trams.

The weather was perfect for walking...

And you see a lot of interesting shops:

Know this brand? 😉

We were there a bit early, but I’m sure the neon signs would look beautiful at night.

Actually, I wonder what that traffic light is for?

Grabbed some local snack at this shop again with another very long queue. I had something which was a glutinous rice something with red bean paste inside and is green in colour. It must have been pretty famous because walking down the street, some old chinese lady stopped me to ask where the shop that I got my snack was.

This is the shop. The item is called Da Qing Tuan (Big Green Glutinous Ball? Literally.)

And then we came out of that and walked a little in the vacinity.

I realise Shanghais signposts are very very convenient. I happen to think they have better signposts system than Singapore.

And saw a nice church.

No front view! I couldnt take a proper photo.

Shanghai roads and buildings are just so nice! I think I’ve found a place where I’d like to work and live in Asia.

Raffles City 来福士广场 - ANDDDDDD... Hersheys World!

Hershey’s World was the only reason why I even went in to the building. It sounded intriguing. I was expecting something on the scale of Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory… well, nowhere near that, but it’s certainly more interesting than Singapore’s Hershey’s counters.

Say awwww....

And this is as close to Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory that it gets:

Hersheys kissesssss fall down with a rumble from this machine...

And you pay to create your own Hershey’s mix by choosing the container and the flavours and wait for the chocolates to roll down. Eh, a fancy way of making you pay more for chocolates I suppose.

Instructions for the Chocolate Machine

After a quick stroll inside Raffles City, we decided to leave… This was the view from outside the building.

Know what Im looking at?

And that is as good a clue/ prelude as they come for tomorrow’s activities. That’s all for the 18th April. It’s back to hotel for a good and early night sleep.

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