[Shanghai] Day 1: Shanghai Diary

I flew Cathay Pacific 國泰航空公司 to Shanghai so there was a transit at Hong Kong International Airport 香港國際機場before I transferred over to the Sister Company Dragonair 港龍航空 and continued the journey to Shanghai PuDong International Airport 上海浦东国际机场.

50 minutes in Hong Kong

Hong Kong International Airport looks so busy! There are so so so many shops and it’s not like Singapore where most of the shops are empty most of the time. The human traffic is actually quite good. And I seriously think they are making sales. That said, I only had 50 minutes between landing and the next departure, so I didn’t quite loiter. May be next time. So these were the only views I got of HK from the HK International Airport:

The Hazy Hong Kong Sky

View from within the Departure Halls


This looks nicer!

 And oh, I forgot, we faced a minor storm when we were flying off from HK. Heavy rains and verrry windy stuff. That probably explains part of the dark sky in the view from the Departure Hall. Here’s the inside of HKI Airport.

I had to take some photos at least and this was the least disruptive area to take a photo considering the endless flow of people and the short amount of time I had.


My Transfer Gate. I love Dragonair now.

Dragonair and Cathay Flights

I didn’t expect the transfer to be that efficient. 40 minutes of ground time was more than enough to do a comfortable transfer. Cathay Pacific food sucks thought. It’s a miserable beef pasta with the vegetables extremely overcooked and a beef stew/ gravy with meat too tough. In contrast, I was surprised by Dragonair. Service was far better, so was food (got Haagen-Dazs ice-cream!), and I got the emergency door seat, with so much leg room that I  can probably do sit and reach or sit up (ok,  the latter might be a bit of an exaggeration), and the media system was also far better. And oh, the air stewards and stewardesses were far better looking too for some reasons.

From PuDong Airport to Hotel

Came down by the Airport Bus Service (机场巴士) to  Ji Tai Hotel上海吉泰酒店(火车站广场店). Take the Airport express right to the end and alight at 上海火车站. The journey took about slightly over one hour in a smooth traffic and cost 22 RMB. I think it’s a lot more convenient than the Taxi Services and far cheaper but apparently I think it’s only mostly the locals who know about it. Most of the foreigners get waylaid by the taxi drivers even before they venture that far away from the arrival exit.

Hotel and a Good Night

The hotel gave me a scare though. A shock rather. The washroom doesn’t have a door that locks (i.e. it opens freely), and the shower area is cordoned by a fully transparent glass door at the toilet side, and a half transluent and half transparent glass wall on the other side facing the beds. In addition, the room lock itself was spoiled. I’ll probably have to change the room tomorrow. It’s a bit too late for me to do the switch.

The shower that I cant use if anyone else is in the room.


We went down to some restaurant specialising in Hong Kong Crusine at 长安路. The area is a few metro stops away from where I was staying. The area itself is pretty nice, and atas – fully fitted with low-rise colonial architectures and a lot of tailoring shops. And who said tailoring in China was cheap? I saw an placard on the display advertising the tailoring rate at 3400 RMB for a set of suit. (gasp) Then again, the area (and the restaurant) was full of Caucasians. And we even ran into Irene Gan and Chua En Lai dining together with a group of probably their Singaporean friends in the restaurant! Gasp! And no we didn’t bother to go say hi or take photos. They were very ethusiastically taking photos of their food though.

As for the food, all I can say is it’s bordering on delicious, but serivce is atrocious. You get attendants who give you the glares when you dare to ask them for something. And then if you ask them for too many things, they start to ignore you altogether. The worry that I’m eating food that isn’t well prepared detracts from my enjoying the food. =P But otherwise, it was a very interesting dinner! I think I actually like the food come to think of it. May be that’s why people still go there~ =) And the reason why I haven’t thus far name this restaurant chain is because I forgot. Eerrrh. We had a very nice creamy soup in a pumpkin container though~ and my usual favourite serving of the chicken claw dim sum which I don’t know what it is called. And no I didn’t take any photos because… my camera battery went off.

Edit: The restaurant is called 避风塘.

That’s all folks for tonight! Overall, it wasn’t too bad. If I were a little tired all the same since I haven’t had enough sleep in weeks.

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