[Introduction] More About this Blog

This is the beginning…

This is in preparation for my upcoming weeks of travel! This time, so as not to let my travel memories disappear, I would be more conscientious while I play and record my thoughts on my travels. It almost makes my heart break these days, thinking of the places that I’ve been, but which I no longer remember the details of. That just makes it a wasted trip, does it not? And thus, I decided to keep a travelogue. I’ve always wanted to do something like this, but finally I think it’s time. From this year on, I’ve decided to travel more, as I’ve been wanting to, to see more places, meet more people and experience many more things. Hopefully, this writing place will be an active one.

These are notes to myself and to anyone else who might be interested.

Because it’s a big big world out there.

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